Why is My Refrigerator Making a Humming Noise?

Whenever you’re near your refrigerator you’ll like hear a slight humming noise, this in most cases is nothing to panic about.

On the other hand, if this noise continues and increases significantly, it’s probably the right time to get your appliance checked by a professional. However, we have provided a number of possible causes for you to check before you think about spending your own money.

This humming noise is mainly a result of the freezing compartment in the refrigerator, and especially during hot weather when built-in ice makers are used more often, this could also be a factor. Nonetheless, this humming noise could also be a sign that your condenser coils need cleaning.

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Possible Reasons For a Humming Fridge:

Firstly, let’s consider the most common reasons behind why your refrigerator could be making a humming noise.

The compressor needs cleaning:

Most of the fridge noises come from the compressor, the epicenter of the refrigerator. Let us reiterate that a little noise is perfectly normal and not something that you should be overly concerned about. But, if you the noise is noticeably loud, then it’s probably worth taking a further look. Personally, we won’t suggest you mess with compressors by yourself. Yes, you can remove the back panel and brush any dust away from the compressor and condenser fan.

The other clichéd tip is to turn off the refrigerator and give it a shake by pushing it on the front side. No matter which method you want to go with, ensure that the refrigerator is unplugged first.

Condenser coils need cleaning:

If you are someone who hasn’t cleaned your refrigerator for a while, this is the time to give it another thought. Condenser coils are capable of collecting all kinds of dust and dirt over the years. Using a brush can sort this problem but first, figure out the actual location of these coils, which is usually around the back or under your refrigerator.

The fridge sits on uneven flooring:

Uneven legs on a fridge can be problematic but this is the simplest issue to fix. Lay a spirit level on top of your fridge to check to see if the legs of the fridge are at equal height. If not, adjust them and give it a few moments to observe whether the refrigerator is still making a humming noise.

Ice Maker Humming:

As mentioned above, the ice makers can also be the reason for the additional noise. Disable or remove the ice makers to see if the noise persists.

Items placed too close to air vent:

The items placed too close to air vent can prevent the crucial airflow required for the apt freezing. This can also make the objects produce a rattling sound. Most of the time, users may overlook this but this can be a potential cause worth considering.

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How do I stop my fridge from humming?

Now you know the visible causes let us highlight a list of possible solutions.

Identify where the noise is coming from

If the noise is coming from the back panel or the upper portion of the refrigerator, the most common indication is its condenser and compressor is causing the problem.

Vibrations from the floor:

Vibrations mean that the unit is either too close to the floor or the wall. This, you can handle by using an anti-vibration pad or by simply increasing the distance between the fridge and the floor.

Compressor and fan noises:

Emphasized repeatedly, compressor and fan noises can be the root of the refrigerator making a humming noise. Firstly, instead of directly calling for expert help, use a toothbrush or so to wipe them clean. If the noise persists, then the professionals can figure out the crux for you.

Loose handles or door:

A loose handle or door can produce a rattling or humming sound that can be irritating if left unchecked. When using the refrigerator, make sure that the doors are properly closed and handles are tightened. Our first recommendation is however instead of directly inspecting the inside of the fridge, maybe first start with the outside.


If your refrigerator is making a humming noise it can be really irritating, especially if you’re unsure of the source. But often the situation may not always be something to worry about. Considering such factors as compressor, condenser or the ice maker initially is more recommended, before calling a professional.

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