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Why Is My Refrigerator Making A Knocking Noise?

Refrigerators often make noises while operating. Although, it’s often nothing to worry about. However, if your fridge makes a loud knocking noise, it could indicate a problem.

Keep reading to learn about the warning signs and possible fixes.


Why Is My Fridge Making a Knocking Noise?

If you hear a knocking noise from your refrigerator, the most likely cause is the compressor or condenser fan.

Probable Causes:

Before delving into how you can begin to fix this issue, let us have a quick look through some of the most common causes:

Condenser fan motor or blades:

If your refrigerator is making a knocking noise, try to listen to where the noise is coming from. For instance, if it comes from behind the refrigerator, chances are that the compressor or condenser fan motor is to blame. You may have to remove the panel to reach the condenser fan motor.

After this, you can check if the fan blades need cleaning; if not, you’ll need to check the motor.

If it is the motor causing this knocking noise, this is the first indication of a faulty motor. Luckily, such motors are replaceable, so you won’t need a new refrigerator.

Evaporator fan motor or blades:

Evaporation is one of the major parts of refrigeration. If it’s malfunctioning, you’ll hear a knocking sound when the fridge door opens. This needs the same procedure mentioned above, ensuring that the blades are dirt-free. Alternatively, go for a new motor.

The Compressor:

This can be a condensing mechanism or an unbalanced compression system.

Refrigerator compressors are expensive, so buying a new refrigerator would be more cost-effective if you find it to be the problem.

Refrigerator Compressor

Refrigerant Circulation:

One of the most probable causes is refrigerant circulation, which is normal. As with the transfer from a gas to a liquid, Freon passes through the compressors and condensers you may hear a knocking sound.

If it isn’t loud and your refrigerator shows no loss in performance, then we suggest you ignore this knocking sound.

Water Hammers:

Water Hammers occur when water flowing through pipes is forced to stop or change direction. Such as when a tap is turned off or a valve from an appliance shuts.

Water hammers produce a loud knocking or ‘hammering’ sound and, if left unattended, can cause damage.


If your refrigerator is making a knocking noise, it’s usually a result of the compressor or the condensing system. Above all, balancing the front legs of the refrigerator can also be an easy fix.

After all the suggested tips, if the knocking continues, consider contacting an expert.

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