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How To Reset a Beko Fridge Freezer

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It is helpful to know how to reset your Beko fridge freezer for regular maintenance or when it stops working. 

Although there is no dedicated hard reset button on most Beko refrigerators, you only need to follow a few simple steps to reset the appliance, depending on which Beko fridge freezer model you own.

Keep reading to learn how.


How To Reset Beko Fridge Freezer

To reset a Beko Fridge Freezer, follow these steps.

1. Unplug Your Refrigerator

To completely reset your Beko refrigerator, you need to ensure that each of the internal components is off. To do so, you need to unplug the refrigerator from the plug socket.

2. Turn Off Thermometer

Next, turn your refrigerators’ thermometer to ‘0’. This step only applies if your Beko refrigerator has a manual temperature dial, which is usually the case for older models.

This enables your refrigerators’ cooling system to return to its default setting.

3. Allow The Refrigerator Components To Reset

Now allow your refrigerator to sit for an hour; this is a hard reset, which allows your refrigerators’ internal components time to reset fully.

4. Power On The Fridge

After waiting an hour, plug your fridge into the wall socket to power it on.

Check to see whether the components are working correctly. i.e. 

  • The compressor is running
  • The internal light is on when opening the door
  • The ice maker and water maker are working
  • Dashboard is functioning

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