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Why Do I Find Fruit Flies In My Refrigerator?

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Few sights are more disturbing than opening your fridge and seeing a bunch of flies. Whether alive and flying all over your food or piling up dead at the bottom of your fridge, fruit flies are unwelcome guests.

Fruit flies in your fridge are not ideal houseguests, but there are other reasons you may be concerned after finding them. Fruit flies might contaminate your food.

Once you understand how fruit flies get into your fridge, you can prevent them from doing so again.

Why Do I Find Fruit Flies in My Refrigerator?

There are a few reasons why fruit flies get into your refrigerator. First, you have to understand these bugs’ behavior. Fruit flies are attracted to the smell of rotten fruit. The odor will attract fruit flies if you have overripe fruit in your fridge.

However, that doesn’t solve the mystery of how fruit flies get in your fridge. These bugs are so small that they don’t need much space to get inside the fridge. Some even get in through the vents! However, the most common way is through the door.

Of course, the number of fruit flies in your fridge will increase the more opportunity they have to go inside. If you leave the door open long enough or something prevents the door from closing correctly, more fruit flies will get inside. 

You’ll often find that fruit flies will die inside your refrigerator, as the temperature is too cold to survive for more than a few hours.

How to Prevent Fruit Flies From Getting in My Fridge?

There are a few ways to prevent fruit flies from entering your fridge.

The primary way is to be careful about your fridge habits. Eat fruit and vegetables before they get too ripe, and throw away any rotten food. Don’t leave the fridge or freezer door open for too long.

If you’re still noticing fruit flies, check that there isn’t anything preventing the door from closing correctly by ensuring the basket is not blocking the door and that the gasket and seal don’t need cleaning or replacing.


Fruit flies in your fridge are not pleasant, but it’s easily avoidable. These flies get in through open doors, attracted by the smell of fruit, so throwing away rotten pieces of fruit usually solves the problem.

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