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Frigidaire Refrigerator H1 Error Code: What Does It Mean?

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Modern refrigerators have plenty of new-fangled add-ons, including high-tech displays showing modes and error messages. These are helpful messages—if only you know how to decode them.

One of the most common error codes that users of Frigidaire refrigerators report is the H1 error code. What are you supposed to do when you see this code, and what does it mean? The problem is that the meanings behind these codes are difficult to remember if you don’t have the manual in front of you.

So what does the H1 error code on your Frigidaire refrigerator mean, and what should you do about it?


What Does an H1 Error Code Mean on a Frigidaire Refrigerator? 

A Frigidaire H1 code means that there is a problem with the freezer sensor; usually, it means that it shorted. The error code begins to beep when the fridge detects that the internal temperature is too warm. 

A few underlying causes could affect your internal temperature and the freezer sensor. Still, once you know what the error code is trying to draw your attention toward, you can begin to troubleshoot.

How to Fix an H1 Error on a Frigidaire Refrigerator

The first step when trying to fix an H1 error on a Frigidaire refrigerator is to test the thermistor. The thermistor is the part within your fridge that adjusts the resistance based on the temperature inside the fridge, sending signals to the control board. If your thermistor is not working, the control board receives improper information about the internal temperature and will display an H1 error message.

To check if the thermistor is working, use a multimeter to check for continuity. If the thermistor isn’t working, replace it (This part is located underneath the air duct cover and is pretty simple to replace.).

However, if the thermistor is working, then the culprit lies elsewhere. Try unplugging and plugging the refrigerator back in to see if that resets the control board and stops the error message. 


An H1 error code is one of the most common messages you’ll receive on a Frigidaire refrigerator display. This means that the fridge senses the internal temperature is too high, and the freezer sensor has shorted.

The most common culprit behind a shorted freezer sensor is the thermistor, a part under the air duct that relays information to the control board. Try replacing the thermistor and resetting the fridge, which should eliminate the H1 error code in most cases. If not, call a professional.

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