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Reasons Why Your Fridge Light Isn’t Working

light from refrigerator

If you notice that the light in your fridge is not working, it can be a frustrating experience as it can be a lot harder to find what you need inside a dark fridge!

This can be due to a number of reasons, including a broken light bulb, a faulty switch, or a wiring issue.

In this article, we’ll discuss the common reasons why your refrigerator light won’t come on and what you can do to fix it.


Common Reasons for a Refrigerator Light Not Coming On

There are several common reasons why your refrigerator light may not be working, and some of these include the following:

Broken Light Bulb

A broken light bulb is the first and most obvious reason for your refrigerator light not working. This can happen when the bulb has reached its end of life or has been damaged due to a power surge or other electrical issue. 

Inspect the bulb to check whether the filament has burnt out. If this is the case, you can easily replace the bulb with a new one.

Fridge light

Loose Light Bulb Fitting

Another common reason is down to a loose light fitting. This can happen over time as the refrigerator moves and vibrates, causing the light fitting to become loose. To fix this, you will need to tighten the bulb by gently turning it clockwise until it is secure. If the bulb doesn’t work after this, it’s likely that you’ll have to replace the bulb.

Faulty Switch

Another common reason for your refrigerator light not coming on is a faulty switch. This can occur when the switch has been damaged or has worn out over time. If this is the case, you will need to replace the switch to get your light working again.

Fridge light switch

Power Outage

A power outage can also cause your refrigerator light not to come on. If you have experienced a power outage, your refrigerator still has power in the outlet. If there is power, your refrigerator light should come on once you open the door.

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