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5 Reasons Why Your Freezer Is Not Defrosting

Frosted up freezer

If you open your freezer to find excessive frost covering the walls, it could indicate your freezer is not defrosting correctly.

Excessive frost inside your freezer is often nothing to worry about. However, it could be down to malfunctioning internal hardware, which you’ll want to get to the bottom of.

In this article, we’ll cover some of those possible reasons why.


Reasons Why Your Freezer Is Not Defrosting

1. Malfunctioning Freezer Defrost Thermostat

If your freezer isn’t defrosting, it might be due to a faulty thermostat. This vital component, responsible for regulating the freezer’s temperature, could be damaged or dirty, leading to improper functioning. You can use a multimeter to test the thermostat and determine if it’s the cause of the issue.

2. Malfunctioning Freezer Defrost Heater

The freezer defrost heater is responsible for melting any ice that builds up inside your freezer over time. However, should this malfunction, ice won’t defrost and continue to build up. 

3. Malfunctioning Freezer Defrost Timer

The freezer defrost timer handles the defrost cycle of the appliance. Therefore, if the timer is not functioning, the defrost heater won’t turn on when required and thus cause a build-up of frost inside your freezer. 

4. Damaged Freezer Door Seals

If the door seals on the freezer are damaged, this can result in a gap. This can allow warm air to enter the appliance and your freezer to work harder than necessary to keep the contents cool, causing a build-up of frost.

It’s important to inspect the door seals regularly and replace them if you find them not sitting flush with the refrigerator.


5. Defrost Control Board Broken

Think of the defrost control board as the brains of your refrigerator. The control board will signal your fridge to begin the automatic defrost cycle.

Therefore, a motherboard not functioning will prevent your freezer from running the defrost cycle.


In conclusion, when your freezer fails to defrost properly, it can be a frustrating and concerning issue. However, understanding the reasons behind this malfunction can help you address the problem effectively.

By identifying potential causes, such as a faulty defrost timer, defrost heater, or defrost thermostat, you can take appropriate steps to resolve the issue. Whether it involves replacing a defective component or seeking professional assistance, restoring proper defrosting functionality is crucial for maintaining the optimal performance of your freezer.

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