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Can You Unplug a Fridge To Save Money?

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When going on a long vacation or leaving your vacation home for the season, you need to take a few different steps before leaving. 

One tip is to unplug appliances to avoid coming back to sky-high electricity bills. While unplugging your appliances around the home, you might wonder if you can also unplug your fridge.

Fridges use a decent amount of electricity, and you don’t want to waste that electricity while you’re not there. However, fridges have a very useful function—keeping your food cool—and you don’t want to return to a fridge full of rotten food.

While you can unplug a fridge to save money, it isn’t always worth it, and you have to follow specific procedures to keep it working correctly. Here’s what you need to know.


Can You Unplug Your Fridge to Save Money?

While you can unplug a fridge to save money, doing this isn’t always worth it. Although fridges are massive appliances, they don’t use much power. The sensors maintain a consistent internal temperature, and the fridge will only turn on if the internal temperature goes above that boundary. The appliance uses very little power if you aren’t opening the fridge door frequently.

However, suppose you are going away for a month or more. In that case, it is worth it to unplug your fridge and cut down on electrical bills, especially if you are packing up to leave a vacation home where you turn off the electricity.

Unplug the fridge and let it warm up to room temperature. Take everything out of the fridge and wash it, including the drawers and gaskets, then thoroughly dry your fridge. Finally, leave the door open to let air circulate.

Does Unplugging a Refrigerator Damage It?

No, just unplugging the refrigerator doesn’t damage it. However, you must be careful about how you plug it back in.

Can You Unplug a Fridge and Plug It Right Back In?

Unplugging a fridge, then quickly plugging the fridge back in again can damage your fridge. When you plug the fridge back in, it has to bring the temperature back down to the right temperature to preserve your food. Forcing the motor to work overtime and even causing electrical damage.

When plugging your fridge back in, wait at least 15 minutes after unplugging it to let the electrical parts cool down.


In most cases, unplugging your fridge won’t save you a lot of money on your electrical bills and will cause more hassle than it’s worth. However, if you’re leaving for a month or more, it is worth unplugging your fridge to save money.

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