Can you Put a Mini Fridge on Carpet?

Open Refrigerator on tiled floor

Getting up from the sofa can feel like the biggest inconvenience in the world. That’s why I recently went ahead and ordered a mini fridge. However, while I was sitting in my la-z-y boy recliner, I had a thought; can I put my mini fridge on carpet? 

Since like many people we only have carpet flooring in our living room, I thought this may cause a problem. So I did a little research to find out.

Can You Put a Mini Fridge On Carpet?

Yes, you can put a mini fridge on the carpet. However, it’s not recommended as doing so can affect the fridge’s performance. This is because a carpet will hold heat and block the airflow, leading your mini fridge to overheat.

In which case, it’s advisable to leave a gap between the floor and the bottom of your fridge. The best to do so being is to ensure that you place your unit on a hardwood, plastic or tiled flooring.

However, this advice is reserved for fridges with the coils located underneath the unit. Alternatively, these can be found on the top of your fridge, or most commonly at the back. So consider checking to make sure they’re not currently being blocked.

Where should you not put a mini fridge?

Considering refrigerators regularly get hot and emit heat, you need to consider where you’re placing your refrigerator unit, without blocking ventilation or causing other issues which may cause problems with how your refrigerator functions.

Secondly, they can also be pretty heavy, so it’s not something you’d want to move around all too often.

Let’s explore some of the don’ts when deciding where to place your mini fridge, which include:

  • Don’t place your refrigerator near a heat source
  • Don’t place your refrigerator on its side
  • Don’t block refrigerator ventilation

Do Not Place your Fridge Near Heat Sources

Firstly, I’d advise that you do not place a mini fridge anywhere near another heat source, such as a cooker or radiator, as this can result in the mechanics of your refrigerator such as the compressor overheating and becoming damaged.

Do Not Place your Mini Fridge on It’s Side

It’s advisable to always keep your refrigerator in an upright position, should you need to move it. 

This is due to the fact that your refrigerator uses liquid coolants which pass throughout the pipes, known as compressor oil.

Therefore, placing a fridge on its side will cause the oil to flow into the cooling pipes. In which case, allow it to sit upright for an hour or so

before turning it on, to allow the oil to drain back into the compressor.

Do Not Block Refrigerator Ventilation

As mentioned previously, blocking the ventilation of your refrigerator unit can lead to internal elements struggling to lose heat, and thus overheating. In turn this leads to more severe problems, of which can be pretty costly.

Therefore, when placing your refrigerator, be sure to check for blocked ventilation.

What If you Have Nowhere Else to put your Mini Fridge?

Considering a lot of people live in smaller spaces, such as small homes or apartments etc. there may be no other choice but to sit your mini fridge on carpet flooring. 

Thankfully, there are a few workarounds that I’ve found for you to consider, in order to stay safe and ensure your fridge continues to function as intended. 

So, let’s explore a couple of the alternatives.

Leave a Gap Under your Refrigerator

As mentioned above, placing your mini fridge or refrigerator unit on top of carpeting can lead to a number of problems. The biggest one being the restriction of the cooling system, causing overheating.

However, other problems to be aware of are the fact that your carpet can prevent your refrigerator door from fully closing, leaving it ajar. 

Although this doesn’t necessarily seem like it could cause a problem, leaving the door of your refrigerator open can result in your cooling system working much harder than it needs to in order to keep the contents cool, using up excess energy and therefore your electricity bill.

It can also cause your fridge to leak which in itself causes damage to your carpet. 

Therefore, a simple solution would be to ensure that your fridge is elevated above your carpet.

Perhaps with the use of a rubber or plastic sheet to sit under your fridge.

Purchasing a Mini Fridge With Rear Cooling Units

With the problems that can occur by placing refrigerators on carpet which have their cooling systems at the bottom of the unit, we’d strongly advise purchasing a mini fridge with the cooling system located at the back of the unit.

fridge cooling system

Regularly Maintain Your Fridge

If you decide that there’s no other way than to place your refrigerator on your carpet, you‘ll need to ensure that you’re taking all the correct precautions in order to ensure that it does not leak.

This includes making sure that your refrigerator is constantly running correctly and efficiently, keeping on top of any factors which may hamper performance.

A couple of the main areas to check include:

  • Fridge Temperature: check the temperature of your fridge, is the temperature set too low or too high? A low temperature (warmer) setting can cause ice to defrost causing a leak; which if you weren’t planning for can be problematic
  • Prevent Overcrowding: Overcrowding your fridge can affect the way in which the air is able to circulate throughout the unit. Making the unit work harder to maintain its temperature
  • Clean Refrigerator Condenser Coils: If you’ve never cleaned your refrigerator condenser coils, or even know where they are; you’re likely to find them to be covered in a layer of dust and dirt. This causes problems as it prevents the refrigerant which runs through these coils from losing heat efficiently. This should typically be done every 6-8 months

Protective Plastic Sheets

If you want to take extra precautions in protecting your carpeting from a potentially leaky refrigerator, you may want to consider laying down a protective sheet under the fridge in order to catch any unwanted residue from seeping into your carpet.

We feel that a plastic sheet may be the best solution to this, as this will help to catch any leaky fluids, as well as provide a flat base for your fridge to sit on.


So, can you put a mini fridge on carpet? We certainly don’t advise it. However, if for whatever reason you’re unable to put it anywhere else, we hope we’ve provided enough information in order for you to do so safely and efficiently.

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