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Best Refrigerators For Semi Trucks 2023

Finding the Best Refrigerator for Semi Trucks is an excellent idea if the choice you are making is wise and well informed. Who thought they’d be manufacturing wonder appliances as refrigerators for semi-trucks? They can easily be placed in any corner of your vehicle without even having to take up too much space. Spending a couple of thousands extra won’t hurt very much when your journey becomes smooth with fresh food in handy always. 

You can’t equip your semi-truck with a life-sized refrigerator, it’s funny to imagine that, right. So, that’s the time; you might consider buying this one, even when you don’t quite like the idea of it. 

One might postpone investing in this, thinking what good it will be, considering its small size. But what is to note in these refrigerators’ features is they don’t function any less effectively than much larger fridges. There’s a couple of perks these fridges offer and that we will be taking up in the following review for you. 

Try to look at it as an asset you are proud to own and share with your peers. These refrigerators have been designed in a certain way by manufacturers for a reason, no matter what capacity or voltage they come with. If you don’t buy or use them once, you won’t ever know. 

These cooling devices won’t even keep your food and beverages nice and fresh and keep you driving carefree, without having to make unnecessary stops in case you want to much on the go.

Best Refrigerator for Semi Trucks: Our Top Picks

1. Smad 12v Compact Mini Fridge


With a reliable cooling unit, driving for you has become more convenient and carefree than you thought. It is small in size and compact in shape so that it can be placed rightly in your semi-truck. It weighs only about 39 Pounds and has a power consumption of 90 watts.

This is a reliable tool that promises no noise mini absorption and years of quiet and efficient use. It has a thermostat, which will make it easy for you to choose temperatures and other options. Its reversible door and adjustable shelves enable you to configure to make space for items to be kept organized.

You can even do both left and right open with the reversible door hinges. It has a higher refrigeration capacity to keep fresh food fresh for a more extended period. An automatic defrost feature so the temperature can be regulated on its own when required. Its compact size and freestanding are just ideal for dorm rooms or apartments of different sizes.

Not to miss, it even has a lock that provides additional security to sensitive food items. What is important is how well you can set it up. Setting the temperature at the lowest first and then plugging it in 110V is the best thing. With owning a cooling unit like this, you might have one less thing to worry about in life; that’s how versatile this product is.

● Reversible door and adjustable shelves 
● Compact size and freestanding 
● Precise Temperature control 
● Least or no-noise feature 
● Highly Portable and Single door
● Lock and adjustable foot 
● No battery is ever needed 

● The noise could be caused on the rarest occasions 
● Intricate machinery that might need examination once in a while

2. Whynter FM-65G 65 Quart Portable Refrigerator


With Whynter Portable Fridges and Freezers, you can freeze anywhere and anytime. It has many more features you might be proud to acknowledge once you have used it. 

This advanced mini refrigerator has everything to fulfill your cooling needs; its small and compact box-like shape makes it convenient to move around the house or even carry on your road journey. This mini refrigerator comes with a 10-feet DC power cord, insulated lid and walls, 8-feet AC power cord, removable wire baskets, and low power indicator. It comes designed in a rigid powder-coated steel housing.

Together, if both DC and AC are plugged in simultaneously, your cooling unit will mainly operate on AC then. If at some point AC fails to power, then DC will, by default, become the primary power supply source. You don’t need batteries to power it. Whether it’s a party or small/big travel getaway, you can count on this compact yet superbly impressive cooling unit. It has stainless steel side handles and a separate drain plug for easy cleaning.

These portable freezers can’t be confused with less effective random 12-volt beverage type “coolers.” It is literally a mobile and cost-effective solution for your critical freezing and recreational needs. It has a dual voltage feature, which is great for fishing trips, hiking, boats, and more. All we need to power it is a 12-volt power source. 

● Dual voltage 
● “Fast Freeze” mechanism 
● Operates as a freezer
● 2-in-1 Appliance
● Strong Compressor Cooling System 
● Temperature control suitable for cooling needs 

● The primary power supply source might take a little time to power it well

3. Midea 3.1 Cu. Ft. Compact Refrigerator

Best Refrigerators For Semi Trucks 2023 1

We won’t be surprised if you pick this one after all the research and study, such as this cooling device’s functionality. Those who don’t know much about the product must carefully look to understand what makes it a unique one to pick. 

Compact refrigerators by MIDEA delivers the highest value and performance you could imagine. MIDEA is a reputed manufacturing leader who has a huge name in the international market as well. Its appliances promise to deliver maximum output and
highest performance.

A compact refrigerator by Midea will ensure to quickly and efficiently cool. Your ice will be entirely frozen, and foods rightly chilled how you like it. Doors are reversible, and they can be attached on the right or left side so they can be opened in the direction, which makes the refrigerated compartments accessible. This fridge is such a clean technology that you will seem only to enjoy as you explore more in-depth.

With the help of its adjustable legs, you can quickly move it into your truck or any kitchen or room layout. Because of a spacious drawer, durable glass shelves, and even storage racks, the organization of foods inside the fridge has become so much easier.
You can easily set your chilling preferences as the default defrost setting allows for hassle-free cleaning. Its compact size allows for easy installation and can be tucked under the counter or built into a cabinet.

● Interior light 
● Reversible doors
● Solid beverage holders
● The size can fit in any layout 
● Energy Star Rated 
● Flexibility in chilling preferences 

● It’s ideal for rooms mostly

4. Igloo Iceless 40-Quart Cooler With 110-Volt Converter

Best Refrigerators For Semi Trucks 2023 2

If you are planning to buy this mini-fridge, just rest assured that you are going to make an absolutely perfect addition to your home and travel appliance kit.

It is okay not to want to deal with ice when camping or driving down. You just got lucky with Igloo’s Iceless Series Cooler because it is what you need while on the go. You can plug in the 12V DC receptacle, just right to plug into your trucker or car. Its convection cooling and quiet brushless motor ensure maximum performance.

With the no-ice feature, you can easily stock your food supplies such as aerated drinks, sandwiches, and other treats, to the brim. The space is all yours to use. This portable cooler is just ideal for boats, trucks, and cars. Its convection cooling fan enables cold air to circulate and cool plastic bottles as quickly as it cools cans.

The swing-up side handles it has, ensures easy handling. Its long-lasting brushless motor and the adjustable shelf are some of this cooler’s top features: clean exterior and interior surfaces before storage of food.

● High portability 
● Brilliant cooling performance 
● Dual orientation 
● Easy air circulation allowed by convection cooling fan 
● Simple handling and adjustable shelf 
● Maximize space to keep our favorite snacks 

● Regular care required

One may confidently purchase this one of its kind iceless cooling units. It’s best to empty the contents of more relaxed to prevent odors and stains for practical use.

5. Coleman MINI FRIDGE| 40-Quart Portable Cooler


PowerChill Portable Thermoelectric Cooler by Coleman is the thermoelectric cooler you have always wanted to own. 

In the line of effective cooling and refrigeration units, Coleman has manufactured this thermoelectric cooler to keep your food items at the right temperature to keep it fresh. It will keep the cooler’s contents up to 40 degrees colder than the average temperature around us. It has an 8-foot power cord that allows smooth and easy powering. It has a 40-quart capacity that will hold up to 44 cans.

Its lightweight travel design even allows for easy moving of the machine if needed. It will easily fit into the trunk or cabin of your cars. There’s even a convertible door that opens from either the left or right side for added placement flexibility.

With the included 12-Volt plug and 8-foot power cord, the cooler can be easily powered by a boat or car outlet. It’s an electric cooler with intelligent electric technology with an adapter and an 8-feet power cord.

● Excellent cooling technology 
● Extremely flexible when it comes to cooler placement 
● Ideal for multiple destinations 
● Lightweight travel design 
● Accessories included: 12-volt plug and 8-foot power cord 
● Compact design and portability 

● Timely cleaning of this cooling unit is a must
● Can’t fulfill the need for ice

All in all, this dynamic Coleman cooling unit is just what you need to have a fun-filled and smooth journey. Its powering accessories make it convenient for us to charge and use on the go. Make it yours and experience the many benefits while on the road to your destination.

6. Dometic CRX-65 12/24 Volt DC Compressor


In the line of portable refrigerators and fridges, Domestic is a leading brand. It just doesn’t look smart and compact but is also full of utility you never imagined. It is small in size and just the right size one would need on a truck or a similar means of transport (Despite the small size, it offers a 3-in-1 solution that has a freezer, fridge, or both at the same time). It weighs 45 pounds in weight, which is just reasonable for an in-built 12 Volt compressor as in this. The compressor speed control and temperature control will ensure highly efficient energy consumption for your unit. 

This product has made mobile living easy. The CRX series is known to function in three ways, a fridge, freezer, and even both when you need that. It even has a patented removable freezer compartment.

For maximum utilization of space on board, it comes with a beveled edge on the backside. With such smart and dependable solutions freezing solutions, one can experience a well-focussed and smooth journey.

● Removable freezer compartment 
● Multi-function CRX series 
● Efficient temperature and compressor speed control 
● Minimal or adjustable noise 
● Flush-mount installation frame available 
● The noise could be caused during most rare occasions 
● Storage space isn’t too huge to stuff many food items altogether

Best Refrigerators for Truck Drivers: Buyer Guide

As a professional driver, we do understand that the pressure on you is real. You have to not just be alert, up and about yourself, every hour of the journey, no matter how long it is, but too conscious of the sense of time and accountable for the goods you are transporting.

Sparing you all the research and time, you would have needed to invest in looking for the right refrigerator for your truck. We have compiled some of the best cooling appliances for your understanding to match your basic cooling needs so that you can enjoy good fresh food on the wheel. Could you ask for more while on the go?

What is to note most often, when considering a purchase like this, is how compatible a particular device is to withstand the motion. It is quite a possibility that your compact fridge might abruptly stop working because of the jarring motion if it’s not a very robust machine construction.

The following review attempts to help you decide better and pick the right option that’s well suited to your needs as a professional driver or anyone with a traveling job.
Checking a few buying factors will always help, listing them below for general awareness and your future need to buy:


Since you want to eat fresh on the go and not spare too much refrigeration space in your transport, buy compact or mini-refrigerators that allow you to enjoy that. Just see that it isn’t a very tall cooling unit, as there’ll be more room for damage when your truck drives through rougher roads.


It is essential to ensure that your fridge doesn’t weigh too much because your truck might already carry heavy loads that it has to transport to its destination. Going easy on the weight might even optimize the effectiveness of your cooling unit. How much or less your cooling unit weighs does not matter when it cools the fridge’s contents enough to keep them fresh. 


Like we always look for proper insulation in any refrigerator, mini-refrigerators are no exception. Having a proper insulation in mini fridges is almost a vital criterion.

This is not only because mini-fridges are used for travel purposes, which makes it susceptible to movement. A bad insulation will firstly hamper the contents inside the refrigerator and also will cost you massive power. Always look for a good insulated door. It is primary to have proper insulation in a fridge.

Freezing and Cooling 

Compact refrigerators come with built-in freezer compartments to refrigerate foods to the desired degree of coolness you would like for a particular food item. In case you don’t want to deep freeze your produce, store it farther from the freezer.

The deep freezers in the units may be pretty small, but it’s not much of a problem since you would only need it to keep up with your demand for ice in water jugs throughout the day.

Energy Usage

Compact or mini-refrigerators demand constant access to some energy resources. If an inverter connects directly to the truck’s batteries, it might power it fine. The mini-refrigerators are powered differently in custom cabs or other means of transport. 

It is essential to be sure that there’s enough energy source in your truck to run the unit you are buying, right. You may even come across propane-powered appliances, but that’s a strict no-no, as that might involve using a bottled form of gas to run your appliance, and it is a considerable risk of an accident you will be taking.

Storage Room

Food requirements might differ in nature, from person to person, and it’s fair when your cooling unit offers you the liberty to enjoy it the way you like. If you’re big on soft drinks and soda, you should pick the one that holds two-liter drinks just fine for you.

What if you don’t want to drink the entire bottle and store some?
Will you have to buy a smaller/different container that can fit?
Will it fit the way it should?
Will it be close to the freezer?

One might have these questions if they are in the same situation, so you must be well-versed with all these factors before purchasing. 

A Quick Tip

It is reasonable for anyone to consider the cost as the determining factor before purchasing an appliance, but what is to understand is that a little high expenditure today might save you large bucks in the long run. These compact refrigeration units will ensure you protect yourself all the stops you would otherwise make to get a chilled bottle of water in the scorching heat.

Buy the kind of cooling unit that uses less energy, has better insulation, uses suitable compressors, has accurate defrost mechanisms, and keeps refrigerated air from escaping. All these factors will be discussed thoroughly in the review to follow for buyers’ understanding of what to buy. The following products are handpicked to match everyday needs; consumers look to fulfill when purchasing a product.


After closely studying the features, pros, and cons of the top functioning cooling units, one might find it hard to choose one for their needs because every one of them seems equally effective. It isn’t so hard to find out the right product for yourself; all you have to do is, know your cooling and refrigeration needs well.

Once you are aware and confident about what you need, picking the right one will be seamless. While you are reading through the review, try to analyze all products critically for the sake of your everyday cooling needs even though they are only handpicked for people like you and needs like yours. Although, considering a few factors including capacity, least energy consumption, robust compressors, and high-performance will only lead you to make the right purchase. 

Spending a considerable sum of money on such an item as a small cooling unit might be of concern to anyone. Still, one must understand making a one-time investment in such a useful tool will only mean a lifetime of benefits at whichever point in life you will be traveling, camping, or driving down somewhere.