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6 Best Retro Refrigerators for 2023

People are again turning towards the classic vintage look when decorating their homes. In particular retro fridges are becoming a popular addition, and for a good reason. In this article, we’ll be reviewing a list of the best retro refrigerators.

With the vintage style becoming more popular around the home, it’s a common misconception that these appliances compromise on quality; however, it’s simply not the case, as retro look appliances are up to date with the latest gadgets and technology.

In this article, we’ll explore the options to help you find the right vintage look refrigerator for your needs.

6 Best Vintage Refrigerators: Our Top Picks

  • SMEG Retro Refrigerator & Freezer
  • Chambers Retro Fridge & Freezer
  • Big Chill Double Door Refrigerator
  • Chambers Retro Fridge
  • Retro Refrigerator by the Equator
  • Galanz Retro Refridgerator

1. Smeg Retro Refrigerator with 12 cu ft Freezer

Smeg Retro Refrigerator with 12 cu ft Freezer

Smeg is a well-known and established company when it comes to home appliances like a refrigerator. An Italian company is known to manufacture high-quality devices but focus on the appliance’s exterior and interior look. You can find a wide and vibrant variety of colors and designs in all the appliances manufactured by Smeg.

We discuss the Retro refrigerator by Smeg, which is available with a 12 cu ft capacity Freezer in it. This retro fridge is available in a wide range of colors, including black, baby pink, white, dark red, and even sky blue. You can choose the color depending on the interior of your kitchen.

Apart from this, if you are looking for a sturdy and durable fridge with broader storage space, then none other than this tremendous retro fridge by Smeg is perfect for you. However, this fridge’s exterior is simple and contains two handles, one for the fridge and another for the freezer. In the interior, you will be mesmerized by the excellent lighting it provides. Even if you are searching for something in this retro refrigerator in complete darkness, you will perform your search because of its efficient interior lights.

Apart from this, in the fridge, you will find three adjustable shelves made up of glass. 

It also contains a fast-freezing compartment, which includes a fan to freeze everything quickly. The freezer additionally consists of two shelves.


  • Height: 75.85 inches
  • Width: 23.66 inch
  • Depth: 23.34 inches


  • It contains a deep freezer with two drawers and one compartment. The freezer provides fast freezing with an in-built fan. It additionally includes a frost freezing compartment in the freezer.
  • It contains three adjustable shelves, a fruit and vegetable basket, a bottle holder, a wine shelf, and excellent interior lighting.
  • Great lighting will make it easier for you to see all the refrigerator items, even in the darkness.
  • Because of its excellent ventilation, the cold air is spread all over the fridge evenly. The whole fridge’s temperature stays stable because of its force ventilation system that evenly distributes the air all over the refrigerator.
  • It also contains a transparent balcony shelf with a cover and an egg tray.

2. Chambers Retro Fridge with 12 cu ft Freezer

Chambers Retro Fridge with 12 cu ft Freezer

Another impressive retro refrigerator on our list is the chambers Retro Fridge. The only good thing about Retro fridges is that they are never going to get out of fashion. Retro Fridges are classy and elegant in look as well as working.

Chambers avails one such Retro Refrigerator with a vast freezer. Chambers CRBR – 2412, one of the most popular retro fridges. People prefer purchasing this refrigerator because of its fine quality and durability.

Although you live in some country other than America, you will find chambers in different names like caloric or Gorenje.

Because of its enhanced compressor, you will find quick and prolonged-lasting freezing in the refrigerator. Apart from this, all the fridges from Chambers are energy-efficient, thus no need to worry about long electricity bills. You will be able to save a considerable amount of energy consumption as well.

Another magnificent feature of this unique refrigerator is that it works pretty quietly. 

Thus, you will not get disturbed by the quick on and off sounds of the fridge. 

Whether you live in a hot climate or a cold climate, Chambers BRBR-2412 contains Adaptech technology, with which it can quickly adapt itself depending on its surrounding.

In terms of look, you can find a few color options available in this vintage refrigerator, like black, grey, gold, and red. Also, it has a vintage design with a bottom mounter refrigerator and a top fridge with two very classy handles.

All-in-all, with chambers retro refrigerator, you will be getting the classy and vintage look but advanced technology. Thus, it is a great deal at a pretty affordable price point.


  • Height: 79 inches
  • Width: 31 inches
  • Depth: 29 inches


  • One can find the most extraordinary quality in this great refrigerator is its large space box in its freezer. As it has a large freezer with 12 cu ft capacity, you can even store pizzas and cake in its freezer.
  • As it contains an adjustable door shelf, you will find it easier to store large water bottles or wine bottles in it. You can keep the standard sized frame till the time you don’t need more space. But if you want to store some large bottles, it will become easier for you to store large wine bottles.
  • Because of its extra freeze zero-zone freezer, you can easily store fresh meat or fish at an ideal freezing temperature of 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • As fruits and vegetables can’t survive in the extensive cold, you will be getting slightly less cool vegetable baskets, where you can store fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh.
  • Because of its large and quiet compressor, you will find rapid cooling and that too without considerable noise. Even if you refill the fridge with new stuff, its freezer regains its freezing temperature at a faster pace.
  • Additionally, you will be getting bright LED lights in the interior, an egg tray, wine shelves, and an additional transparent tray to store cheese or other stuff.

3. Big Chill Double Door Refrigerator with One Counter Depth

Big Chill Double Door Refrigerator with One Counter Depth

Whether you are looking for a beautifully designed fridge or a fridge with the latest technology embedded in it, you will get both these specifications in a single fridge with Big chill Double door Fridge.

Big Chill is even a trendy name in the world of home appliances. Whether you want a juicer grinder or toaster, or refrigerator, Big Chill is one of the most reliable manufacturers you can opt for. One of the significant advantages of buying Big chill stuff is that you will get a durable and long-lasting appliance for your home.

This double door fridge by Big Chill has a classy look, similar to that of refrigerators of the 1940s or ‘50s. But don’t worry, it is not going to work as a vintage fridge. It embeds with all the latest technology you want in a refrigerator.

You will be getting a powerful compressor in this fridge. Apart from this, even though it contains a powerful compressor, there is no need to worry about sound. It is an excellent absorbent refrigerator, which means you will not hear the sound of auto-cut and repeatedly reloading the fridge.

The next admirable feature of Big Chill is the vast storage space it provides. You can find Big Chill Refrigerators in four basic sizes. Depending on the size, you will be getting the fridge’s design varying from the Original 1940s or ‘50s fridge to the Retropolitan fridge, revoked around the 1960s to ‘70s.

This fridge is available in nine different colors, including sky blue, pastel green, black, white, red, and other primary retro colors. Even if you want custom refrigerators painted in your favorite color, you can ask the company to do so. But it 

will cost you some additional cost to paint the fridge in your suggested color.

But if you are looking for a vintage fridge, this fridge can be ideal for you.


  • Height: 69 inches
  • Width: 33 inches
  • Depth: 29 inches


  • As it is a large fridge, you will be getting a vast storage space of around 24.1 inches. Thus, whether you want to store drinks for a party or a lot of food, even if you have to bring a whole lot of fruit and vegetables from the nearby sale, you will find a great capacity to store it all.
  • This fridge contains a top-mounted freezer, which means you will be getting a freezer at the top of the refrigerator and other compartments in the middle, and a vegetable basket at the fridge’s bottom.
  • In this fridge, you will find three adjustable shelves, a vegetable basket, a large freezer, and other shelves to store water bottles in it.
  • You will also be getting a transparent shelve with an egg tray, where you find additional space to store stuff like cheese.
  • This fridge’s overall look is classy and subtle, which means you will not find it too cheesy or too old fashioned. It contains some curvy lines drawn on it in a sophisticated manner.

4. Chambers Retro Fridge with ten cu ft capacity

Chambers Retro Fridge with ten cu ft capacity

 No doubt, chambers I am one of the most popular and well-established brands that come to my mind regarding the vintage refrigerator. And the sole reason behind this is the quality that the Chamber provides.

You will be getting a retro look of the fridge, which makes it look classy and smart. But, along with a great look, you will find all the latest technological advancements in this fridge. The overall storage capacity you will be getting in this fridge is 9.9 cu ft, approximately ten cubic feet. Thus, it is a small fridge, ideal for small families.

But even it has small size, Chambers didn’t compromise with the compartments of the fridge. You will be getting adjustable compartments, along with a freezer.

The idea behind this retro fridge design is its single-frame design, which means the whole refrigerator is built of a single piece of steel. And as it has the right steel, no one can doubt the durability of the fridge.

Thus, in this fridge, you will be getting four glass shelves for storing food items, four-door shelves for holding drinks and other food items, a freezer compartment, and a wine rack. Thus, you will find enough space to keep all your stuff intact.

Overall, it is an ideal refrigerator for those seeking a stylish, compact, and unique fridge for them. It is even feasible for people who are looking for a smart fridge for their bedroom.

You can also find this fridge in four color options, including sky blue, black, white, and buttercream.


  • Height: 60 inches
  • Width: 25.2 inches
  • Depth: 24 inches


  • It contains four adjustable glass shelve. You can remove or insert the shelve depending on your space requirement. Because of this customization, it will become more feasible to use this fridge.
  • As all its shelves are of glass, it will become easier for you to clean any spill in the refrigerator. You can easily wipe out the spillage without leaving a stain in the fridge.
  • You will also be getting bright LED lights and a thermostat control at the right of the refrigerator.
  • Although it contains a powerful compressor, it didn’t emit much noise.
  • This fridge’s four-door shelves will again provide you a large space to store all your drinks intact. Being transparent, it will become easier for you to spot anything in the refrigerator.

5. Retro Refrigerator by The Equator | Energy-Efficient Fridge

Retro Refrigerator by The Equator

Another bottom-mounted refrigerator on our list is the vintage fridge by the Equator. If you face a problem moving your fridge for cleanliness, Equator has brought up a solution in front of us. It contains wheels mounted at its bottom, with which it will become way more comfortable for you to move the fridge.

Although this model only comes in blood-red color, its vintage style will never disappoint you. It has a unique retro exterior with all red color with two handles, one for the fridge and another for the freezer. The base of its design is on the concept of mobility of refrigerators.

Although it has a vintage look, it is full-fledged with all the latest technological advancements. You can adjust the pace of cooling and the minimum possible temperature in this refrigerator.

The best thing about the Equator retro fridge is that you will be getting a separate freezer. Again, in both freezer and fridge, you will find different compartments to store all your stuff in an organized manner. You will find a fast cooling compartment in the freezer, where you can store all those items that you have recently purchased from the market.

You can store meats or ice creams in the deep-freezing compartment to let them last longer and stay fresh. Also, it provides a storage capacity of 10.8 cu ft; thus, it is ideal for even a large family. Its door opens in left to right direction additionally, as it doesn’t contain reversible door.


  • Height: 73 inches
  • Width: 32 inches
  • Depth: 29 inches


  • It will become more comfortable for you to spot the foodstuff you are looking for as it contains transparent glass compartments. And for your help and convenience, it has bright LEDs in it so that you can identify the foodstuff you are looking for even in the dark.
  • It includes a large bottle rack, which can store up to the 2L capacity bottle.
  • Energy-efficient fridge, even though it consists of a separate freezer and a deep-freezing compartment.
  • This fridge includes removable and adjustable shelves. Thus, you can insert or remove them as per your need.
  • It has a strong compressor that provides fast cooling without an added cost to your electricity bill, as it is an energy-efficient fridge.

6. Galanz Retro Fridge With 12 cu ft Capacity | BUDGET OPTION

Galanz Retro Fridge With 12 cu ft Capacity

Last but not least, on our list is a top-mounted refrigerator, which will impress you with its high level of performance.

If you’re looking for an affordable fridge, which doesn’t compromise with the quality. This retro refrigerator by Galanz would be an ideal choice. With a beautiful vintage design, it certainly doesn’t disappoint aesthetically.

Galanz is one of the topmost fridge manufacturers and has a good reputation due to its quality products. You can also find some Calm and Advances mini-fridges by Galanz at a fantastic price.

Along with its classy vintage look, this fridge also provides all the latest technological advancements such as fast cooling and noise absorption. It also contains four glass chambers, a separate vegetable basket, door shelves, a freezer and canned drinks holders.


  • Height: 66.93 inches
  • Width: 29.45 inches
  • Depth: 23.74 inches


  • This vintage fridge provides a total storage capacity of 12 cu ft, which means it is ideal for a family kitchen.
  • Available at a budget-friendly price.
  • If you are irritated with frosting and defrosting the refrigerator repeatedly, especially during winters, then the solution is the automatic frosting and defrosting mechanism of this vintage fridge.
  • You will find two racks in the freezer and four racks in the refrigerator, along with a vegetable basket overall in the fridge.
  • It will become more comfortable for you to store drinks in this fridge because of the shelves and trays you find on its door.

Buyers Guide

As now we have completed all the possible vintage refrigerators that one can consider to purchase to style their kitchen with elegance and class, there are a few points that one should consider and check in the fridge they are buying. Must look for the following factors at the time of purchasing a retro fridge:

retro refrigerator Design and Colors

What makes vintage fridges different than other standard fridges is their unique, diverse, and classy design. If you think that retro fridges are old fashioned, let me tell you that this is not the case. Vintage refrigerators are evergreen. 

You can never get bored with the elegant curves, the bare exterior with subtle colors. 

You can find many colors in the vintage refrigerator. Still, you will find that most of the vintage fridges are available in primary soothing colors like sky blue or pastel green and primarily black, white, or grey color. 

These simple yet unique colors are vintage property because people in the 20th century consider purchasing those refrigerators.


Everybody has different expectations from the refrigerator, depending on why you are purchasing it, whether you are a party beast and want to store cans of drinks in the fridge or a family man looking for a refrigerator to keep food items.

All the requirements need a different capacity of the fridge. Thus, it is advisable to decide it previously the refrigerator’s power you might require to keep all your stuff intact.


Must look for the freezer in the fridge you are considering. It is crucial to have a freezer, irrespective of the reason for your purchase. You will get some stuff that you might need to store in the freezer, whether it is ice cream or meat. Thus, choose a fridge that contains the freezer in it.

Size of Fridge

Although design and color did matter while purchasing a vintage refrigerator, another critical factor to consider is the refrigerator’s size. If you have a smaller storage space, then there is no point in purchasing a large fridge.

But if you have enough storage space in your kitchen, then you can decide on the refrigerator depending on the capacity you are looking for

But if you have space constraints, it is advisable to buy a mini or medium-sized fridge instead of bringing a sizeable useless fridge home.


Last but not least, price is one factor that needs to be considered before purchasing. If you find similar deals at a lower price point, then going with the affordable fridge is better. Try not to spend too much on electrical appliances. And if you have a tight budget, then you will have to compromise somewhere with the quality.

Thus, my advice is to consider the fridge’s features and price to get the best deal.


Q: Are Retro Fridges Environmentally Friendly?

A: If you think that vintage fridge is those 1940’s, 50’s fridge that doesn’t contain technical advancements, then you are entirely wrong. We mean a refrigerator with the exterior looking like a vintage fridge by retro fridge, but they have all the latest technological advancement in them.

One of the most crucial features of fridges is its energy efficiency. A question that you can ask is whether they are environmentally friendly or not? 

The answer is yes. Behind the vintage fridge’s massive body, all the latest technological parts are hidden behind the frame. Thus, you will be able to save some bucks in your electricity bill with this fridge’s energy efficiency, and you will be protecting the environment using them.

Q: How much does a retro refrigerator cost? 

A: Cost is one thing that everyone considers before making a purchase. And you are right in asking about the cost of the vintage refrigerator, as it will help you decide. 

If you want a large capacity retro fridge, you can find one in the price varying from $500 to $ 1500. But if you wish to a retro-looking mini-fridge, you will need to spend between $250 to $500.

But as you can find exceptions everywhere. Here we have an exception. You can find some retro fridges for more than $2000 as well, so be ready to keep a budget in your mind while looking for retro fridges.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we have listed and reviewed what we feel are the top vintage refrigerators currently available to purchase online. Therefore, I hope you are now able to make a more informed decision when choosing the best retro refrigerator to suit both your style and budget.

Which refrigerator is your favourite? Let us know in the comments, below.

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