Top 6 Quietest Mini Fridges for Bedrooms

What else could be cooler than keeping your mini-fridge in your bedroom? It will not just be a perfect addition to your bedroom but will enhance your comfort in various ways.

Think of a situation, were at a hot summer night, you want to drink cold water but are not in the mood to go downstairs for the same. A mini-fridge in such a situation will become a great source of convenience.

But you might be wondering that a fridge in the bedroom will disturb you with the constant on and off sound. Well, don’t worry, you can opt for the quiet mini-fridges available specifically for places like bedrooms or offices or even the library, where quietness matters a lot.

Suppose you are pondering to get a quiet mini fridge for bedroom, to make your life simpler. Then, we have come up with some of the quietest and stylish mini-fridges that can be the ideal addition to your bedroom.

Top 6 Quietest Mini Fridges: Our Top Picks

1. SMAD 12V Compact Mini Fridge

SMAD 12V Compact Mini Fridge

Suppose you have a flexible budget and a looking for one of the quietest mini-fridges for your bedroom that not only provides you cold water whenever needed but avoid unnecessary noises. In that case, none other than Smad Mini’s quiet fridge is the first refrigerator that comes to my mind.

Although you are not going to get it at an affordable price, I bet you will never regret expenditure on this appliance. The latest and advanced features that this mini fridge provides is worth it. Not just can you lock the fridge whenever needed; it also comes with a reversible door.

By the reversible door, we mean you can open the door from either of the sides, right or left. Although, as per its manufacturer’s claim, this fridge didn’t emit even the slightest noise, and no doubt, the claim is true to a great extent.

But being quiet enhances its working instead of affecting it. It perfectly chills each and everything at a temperature lying between 37 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit. It can effectively work on a 12V/110V power supply.

Apart from this, as it can work on a 65-watt power supply, don’t worry about expensive electricity bills. It works even when plugged into a cigarette lighter port.

This mini fridge contains shelves and a bottle holder, available in three variable sizes, ranging from 1 cu ft to 1.7 cu ft, suitable to hold a wide variety of items. It has a comparatively smaller size, but you will undoubtedly find it perfect for storing snacks or milk in the bedroom.

● It contains reversible handles that open from either left or right
● The inbuilt-locking mechanism ensures safety
● Shelves and bottle holder that can be adjusted as per your requirement
● Works on a 12V/110V power supply

2. BLACK+DECKER BCRK17W Compact Refrigerator

BLACK+DECKER BCRK17W Compact Refrigerator

BLACK + DECKER BCRK17W is one of the most reliable and quietest mini-fridges. Although it has a small size, not more than 1.7 cu ft, still its feature makes it worth purchasing this mini-fridge.

Instead of being a compressor fridge, unlike an absorption fridge, which technically emits louder noise, people are pretty happy and satisfied with the performance and silence it works in.

The most important and impressive thing about this mini-fridge, which makes it the best value pack, is its affordable price. You will be getting a load full of features at a pretty attractive price.

If you find it challenging to figure out the accurate direction in which one should open the fridge, don’t worry. As it contains a reversible handle, you can open it on either of the sides, that is, whether left to right or right to left. Thus, it will become easier for you to open the fridge either way.

Although no doubt it is a smaller fridge, you will not store many foodstuffs in it. It is to store a few drinks and one or two food items. But because of its smaller size and adaptable dual power supply of 12V and 110V, you can use it while traveling by plugging it in a cigarette lighter port if even USB cable.

And for the bedroom, you will not be expecting a large sized fridge, and this efficient storage fridge is perfect for such situations.

● Unlimited features at an affordable price
● One can remove shelve depending on their requirement
● Portable because of its small size
● Although a compressor fridge, yet one of the quietest mini-fridges

3. Cooluli Mini Fridge | Lightweight and Portable

Cooluli Mini Fridge

If you want a mini-fridge suitable for a house party to store the drink in it or ideal for new mothers to store pumped breast milk, then none other than Cooluli Mini Fridge can be a perfect pick.

Although it has a smaller size and it is suitable to store can and drinks. Yet, it can store as large as six cans weighing around 12 oz. the most impressive feature of this mini fridge is that you can use it as a fridge in the summers and as an insulated heater in the winters.

As it is insulated, it is suitable to keep the food and drinks warm for a longer time. Because of its smaller size, it is convenient to be taken on a trip as well. 

This mini-fridge is a little flexible and works even with a USB cable or power bank in terms of power supply. However, it requires at least 12V/110V of power supply for its functioning.

Moreover, as it is an insulated chamber, it will not be able to cool the substances as an original fridge did. Still, it is powerful enough to keep the drinks, and foodstuff retains its temperature for a long span.

I won’t agree that it is hushed, but it can achieve a level of quietness, making it suitable for a bedroom. Apart from this, if you are tight on budget and still want a reliable and long-lasting product, then you must go with the Cooluli Mini Fridge.

● Pocket-friendly, quiet fridge
● Works on a dual power supply of 12V and 110V
● An insulated chamber keeps the cold stuff cooler and hot stuff hotter
● Achieves the maximum possible quietness

4. Costway Compact Refrigerator | Two-Door Design

Costway Compact Refrigerator

If you focus more on the freezer part than that of the fridge, then Costway Compact Refrigerator can be an ideal pick. Although it has a small size, it is known as one of the quietest fridges for bedrooms.

With an overall volume of 3.2 cu ft, this refrigerator is ideal for storing even the sizeable sized pizza. It, too, has a freezer that has a comprehensive volume of 1 cu ft.

This refrigerator s ideal to store ice cubes and drinks in it, making it not just suitable as a family fridge but for house parties as well.

The alignment of shelves, bottle holders, and the vegetable basket in this fridge is such a way to provide space for storing the stuff as large as possible. All the shelves in this refrigerator are detachable and adjustable. Thus, one can easily adjust and increase or decrease shelves’ size in this fridge as per their requirement.

You can store all the essentials in this fridge separately because of the additional chambers and side panels.
Working with a power supply of 110V, although it is not a portable fridge, it’s perfect for home use because of its great capacity.

Also, I agree that this refrigerator is not as silent as other absorption fridges, but users most of the time don’t mind the slightest noise that it emits. The noise that it emits is not disturbing or annoying but soothing and calm instead. Thus, one can avoid that noise and keep the fridge in their home.

Also, it is advisable to clean this fridge daily to avoid condensation in this fridge. The only thing that this incredible fridge lack is the reversible doors. It has a basic door that opens from left to right, instead of a reversible door which opens either way.

● Spacious enough to store plenty of stuff in it
● Contains a large freezer with a capacity of 1 cu ft
● Emits minimal noise
● Adjustable shelves and great alignment to store everything intact

5. Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact mini fridge

Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact mini fridge

Whether you are looking for a smart and compact fridge for your bedroom, office, or even library, Midea WHS – 65LB1 is an ideal choice. The small fridge is perfect for all the places because of its quietness and storage efficiency.

Although it is not suitable for the ones who are looking for a mini-fridge with a freezer, yet, it can be an ideal choice for those, who want a portable, compact and handy fridge itself. Available in two separate versions with variable capacity, you can
opt for the smaller fridge with a capacity of 1.6 cu ft or the larger one with 2.4 cu ft capacity, depending on your need.

It is a compressor refrigerator, and we agree that usually, compressor fridges are louder compared to absorption fridges, but this fridge has a whisper-quiet advancement. That means it emits the minimal possible noise while even restarting the refrigerator.

Working on the dual voltage of 12V/ 110V, this refrigerator is portable but works even with a cigarette lighter adaptor or even a USB cable.

Last but not least, it has a reversible door, which means you can open it either way, whether left to right or right to left—no need to remember the primary direction of opening the fridge while using this mini-refrigerator.

Thus, if you are looking for a mini-fridge for your bedroom, which is not just quiet but is pocket friendly as well, then none other than the Midea WHS – 65LB1 is the ideal choice.

● Although a compressor fridge beats an absorption fridge when it comes to
● Reversible doors that open either way
● Portable and pocket-friendly refrigerator
● Works on dual voltage 12V and 110V

6. Midea WHS – 65LSS1 | Adjustable Legs and Reversible

Midea WHS Mini Fridge

Last but not least, on our list is an affordable refrigerator that provides ideal cooling and energy efficiency. With this refrigerator, you are going to save plenty of bucks on your expensive electricity bills.

It is an enhanced version of the above mentioned MIDEA refrigerator, and similar to that, it also comes with whisper-quiet technology. Thus, no need to worry about noise even if you are willing to keep it in the bedroom.

Depending on your requirement, you can choose the smaller one with storage volume 1.6 cu ft or can choose the larger one with volume 2.5 cu ft, available in two different sizes and capacities. Thus, even if you want to store pumped milk in it or drinks in it, this fridge is ideal wither ways. 

As working on the dual volume of 12V and 110V, this fridge is ideal to be carried away on trips as well. As it works even when connected with a USB cable or Cigarette lighter adapter, this fridge serves in all the conditions.

It again contains reversible doors, making it easy to open this refrigerator from either side suitable to you. Because of its small size, it is storage efficient as well.

Finally, this fridge is one of the most affordable fridges with all the latest technological advancements that you can bring home.

● Works on smart technology and is energy efficient
● Because of its reversible door, you can open it either from left to right or right to left conveniently
● Small size is ideal to be stored at the office, home, or even in the car
● Portable and works on whisper technology

Quiet Mini Fridge Buyers Guide

Type of Refrigerator

There are three types of refrigerators: absorption fridges, compressor fridges, and thermoelectric fridges. Each of these fridges has its own set of features.

Thermoelectric fridges contain an insulated chamber to keep the contents at a constant temperature.

Next comes the compressor fridges, which are more efficient than the Thermoelectric but are noisy. Thus, when looking for a quiet mini fridge, compressor fridges are not ideal.

Absorption fridges are most efficient when it comes to quietness. But the only issue that absorption fridges face is that room temperature affects them significantly. They can only reduce the temperature to a few degrees below the average room temperature.

Total Fridge Space

The total space inside a mini fridge is a highly considered requirement for shoppers. Quiet mini-fridges are available with varying fridge space. The most common volume range includes 1.0 cu ft, 1.7 cu ft, and 2.5 cu ft.

Freezer Space

Almost all mini fridges lack freezer space. Choosing a mini fridge with or without a freezer depends on your requirements and budget. If you can adjust without a freezer, that’s great; otherwise, there are mini-fridges with embedded freezers but be prepared to pay more.


In this article, we’ve reviewed a list of the quietest mini fridges. Each fridge has been reviewed in detail within the article. If I had to choose the best quiet mini fridge from the list, it’d have to be the Smad Compact Mini Fridge. The SMAD Compact fridge has various additional features, such as a reversible door, locking system, and low power consumption.

Top 6 Quietest Mini Fridges for Bedrooms 1

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