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Best Mini Fridges for Storing Breast Milk

Being a new mother is an exhausting task itself. Not just taking care of the child, but also to put up with new challenges every day. In times like that, you can well imagine how beneficial a mini-fridge for storing breast milk can be.
Imagine a situation when you are sleeping peacefully. Suddenly your baby starts crying because he is hungry. In such a case, will you prefer to go to the kitchen to bring refrigerated milk? I don’t think so.

There might be a few questions running your mind like why, how, and when you will use the mini-fridge.
But, trust me, the mini-fridge will not only serve you in the growing years of your baby but even long after that.

Not only will it reduce your constant kitchen rounds, but it will also make it very convenient to store breast milk handily. And not just breast milk, there are plenty of other items that you can give a space in your mini-fridge.

Did you love eating fruits? Or want to wet your throat with some cold water at night? No need to go to the kitchen fridge for all this.
A mini-fridge is although small in size, but not in storage space. It has plenty of room to store fruits, water, and other drinks as well.
Well, this isn’t it, my friend. Some mini fridges have dual functionality. That means they work like a fridge in summers but an insulated heater in the winters. Thus, not only will it keep your drinks and fruits cold in summer, but will keep your food and other items hot in winters and that too on a single press of a button. Simple, right?
Well, I guess the above pieces of evidence are sufficient to convince you why you need a mini-fridge. But if you are still confused, let me ask you another question.

You are at work, or you are traveling, while pumping breast milk, you have pumped it more than sufficient. How are you going to transport it back to your home?
Having a mini-fridge makes it very easy to carry breast milk with you all the time. Especially when you are out for a vacation, not only mini fridge will be your helping hand to store breast milk for longer but, you can have a stock of your favorite cold drink to you as well.
Although a mini-fridge is small in size, yet it has a lot of functionalities. After thorough research, we are bringing the best mini fridge for breast milk.

Best Mini Fridges for Storing Breast Milk

1. Cooluli Mini Fridge

Cooluli Mini Fridge

Imagine traveling for an extended period; it becomes impossible to breastfeed your baby at short intervals. In such a case, carrying a mini thermoelectric heater/cooler can be very helpful.
The reason why it is recommended to use a Mini fridge for storing Breast Milk is because of the ease of keeping the breast milk cold right after pumping it in the bedroom or at work. You won’t need to run downstairs to pick the bottled milk to your baby or keep the fridge’s pumped milk.

With a cooling capacity of up to 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit, Cooluli Mini Fridge can keep the pumped milk fresh for hours without freezing it. Don’t worry about breastfeeding your kid again, and again in your busy schedule, you can pump it out whenever you are free and then feed your baby with the pumped milk whenever needed.

Surprisingly, this is a dual-purpose fridge that you can use as a food warmer as well. Because of its thermoelectric system, it becomes effortless to switch the refrigerator to the food heater.
It is made up of 100% natural materials, making it perfectly suitable to store breast milk in it.
You might be worried about how can you keep this fridge along with you? Don’t worry, with a fixed plastic handle and lightweight (weighs 10L when full), and you can easily carry this fridge along with you. Whether you want to take this fridge to the office or from one floor to another, you can easily transport it.
It has a very compact size and thus requires significantly less storage space.
With a storage capacity of 4L, it has a super-silent working and an excellent power efficiency. That means it can carry about 6oz cans at once. With a removable upper tray, you can store a milk bottle with a cap or nipple on. 
Power Consumption
Not just this, it is suitable for both AC/DC power supply so that it will work well indoors and outdoors. Apart from this, you can operate this fridge in a car using a USB cord. If you face a power cut in your area, but still want to keep the breast milk fresh. This mini-fridge also functions with 2 AA batteries.

● Energy efficient
● Very lightweight and thus portable
● Made up of environmental-friendly material, it is 100% to store breast milk and food essentials
● Being super silent, one can keep it in a nursery or office
● Pressing a simple switch, you can easily switch its functionality from a heater to cooler or vice-versa

● It doesn’t have any lock-key mechanism, so take care while carrying it along

2. Astroai Mini Fridge-Portable Cooler

AstroAI Mini Fridge

Responsibilities are double for a working woman with a newborn baby. Not only but they also need to pay attention to both sides equally, but their workloads increase a lot. 
To slightly decrease your hassle, there are many gadgets that you can use. The mini-fridge is one of those gadgets.
With the AstroAI mini-fridge, you can either keep your milk hot or cold, depending upon the weather. This small container is not only perfect for breast milk but yogurt, fruits, and other food items.

While using it as a fridge, can cool the milk or any food up to 35 Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius. And as a heater, it can warm food up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit or 66 degrees Celsius.

The most significant functionality that a working mother wants in a mini-fridge is its portability to carry the same to their office or while traveling easily. 

A point to be considered is that it doesn’t work as a microwave; instead, it keeps the warm things warm. That means it won’t heat cold food items on its own. 
But, until the doors of this mini fridge’s closed, your food item will stay either warm or cold, depending on the specifications.

Last but not least, this fridge is made up of freon-free semi-conductor, it is 100% safe to store breast milk and other food items. 
It has a very compact size, and thus it is effortless to store appliances.

It can store up to 12 ounces can easily that is 4L. With a removable upper tray, it can easily store large bottles or milk bottles with a nipple on it. 
This mini-fridge, because of its lightweight, is very easy to carry along with. With a very compact design and a sturdy handle, it becomes effortless to carry this fridge to the office or from one room to another.
Power Consumption
While traveling, if you are worried about how to operate the mini-fridge? Don’t worry, and you can use it with a 12V cigarette. Apart from this, it also comes with two charging plugs that support AC/DC power supply.
It also supports USB cable charging while driving the car.
● With a cigarette adapter and USB support, you can use this mini fridge while traveling
● Being very silent, it will not disturb you while working or your baby while sleeping
● It has a 3-year complete warranty
● It is easily transportable because of its lightweight
● Perfect for keeping breast milk cold even in hot summers

● There is no temperature control option in this mini fridge; one can either set it to hot or cold

3. Gourmia GMF600 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge

Gourmia GMF600

Another portable mini fridge in our list is Gourmia’s GMF600 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge. 
A multipurpose fridge that will keep the food warm in winters and cold in summer is what mothers with new-born needs. 
If, after pumping milk, you hold the fridge kept aside you to put the bottled breast milk in it, handling everything will become handier. 
Because of its perfect temperature balance, it doesn’t freeze the breastmilk, no matter how long you keep that in the fridge. As it is essential to keep the fresh breastmilk cold, your toddler will have fresh breast milk whenever needed.

The most prominent and trendy feature in this fridge is integrated speakers. This fridge is available in two options, one with a speaker and one without a speaker.
Made up of environmentally friendly material, this mini fridge is refrigerant and CFC free. It is also ETL certified, making it safe to store breast milk and other food items.
Another crucial feature of this mini fridge is its advanced locking system. With a self-hatch lock, it ensures that the food doesn’t spill out even when traveling. 
The first option will be perfect for small home parties. You can stream your favorite music and pods and soothing cold drinks in scorching summer with the smart device. Like the combo of mini-theatre and fridge, it is a super-duper cool gadget ever.
The second option will be suitable if you are looking for an ideal mini fridge for working women. Because of its basic functionality, it is ideal for the office atmosphere.
It is very handy and small in size to keep it conveniently in a corner or on a chair.
It can store milk that can hold up to 6 liters.
This mini fridge has it all. Not only is it super light in weight and thus very easy to carry along to the office, vacations, or even from one room to another.

Power Consumption
Perfectly suitable for both AC/DC power supply, this fridge works when connected
with USB or with a cigarette adapter. That means you can use this machine while traveling as well. 
It is a power-efficient electric supply, and one can rely on it. 
● To ensure perfect cooling and avoid thermal overheating, it has a built-in fan
for heat dissipation
● Self-locking mechanism
● It is a super quiet mini fridge instead of an in-built fan
● The ETL certification ensures the complete safety of its usage
● It is very lightweight and thus portable
● It supports AC/DC power supply, cigarette adapter, and USB cable for its functioning

● Although it can keep the food cold, it is not a suitable freezer

4. Midea WHS-65LSS1 Mini Fridge

Midea WHS 65LSS1

Talking about power efficiency and innovation, only a few products can stand out completely. And Midea is one of them, known for producing the best quality freezers and fridges. And its WHS-65LSS1 mini fridge is not an exception at all.
With its precise cooling, no need to worry about hot summers while you are going on vacation. This mini fridge will always be there to provide soothing chill drinks to you.
Another super cool feature in this fridge is its reversible door. No matter you are opening the fridge from left to right or vice-versa, you can customize its door setting as per your need. With a stainless-steel body and freon free interior, it ensures complete safety of food items being kept in it. 

But, let me tell you why it is an all-rounder. Unlike most common fridges, it has a small freezing unit to store ice-creams and other food items. Cool, right?

Along with these exceptional properties, this fridge comes with a 1-year warranty as well. It also has a temperature dial, according to which you can easily set the precise temperature requirement.
Not just is it suitable to store breast milk, but this can be suitable for multiple other uses. 

With negligible sound emission, it is a perfect fridge to be kept in the room so that you will have easy access to fresh breast milk stored in the refrigerator.
You will get a very compact design, yet, plenty of storage space to store pumped milk, drinks, and fruits in this mini-fridge. It is portable enough to carry it along in office, at home, or even on vacation because of its negligible weight. 

It has a capacity of storing up to 35.3 pounds, which means you can store a hand full of foodstuffs in this. 
Power Consumption
It works on a voltage supply of 120V and supports USB and cigarette adapter as well.
Dimensions of this mini fridge being 17.7 x 18.6 x 19.4 inches.

● It is perfect for storing all the food items and breast milk fresh at an accurate temperature with its temperature dial
● The lightweight and compact size add to its portability
● It has a small freezer as well
● Don’t produce any sound at all, suitable for office and bedroom purposes

● Its steel body dents very quickly

5. Uber Appliance Chill Mini Fridge

Uber Appliance UB CH1 Mini Fridge

Suppose you are looking for a mini-fridge perfect for storing breast milk in nurseries, bedrooms, or a playroom, especially for the night. Then your search can end at the Uber Appliance Chill Mini fridge. 
Being very silent, you can literally keep this fridge at just one arm’s length to get access to pumped breast milk whenever needed at night. It is never going to disturb your sleep.
It also has the dual functionality of working as a fridge at one hand and a heater at another. But it doesn’t have a freezer. 
The constant temperature for cooling is 37 degrees Fahrenheit, while the temperature for heating is 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
It is suitable to store not only breast milk but other foodstuffs like fruits and drinks as well. It can keep them fresh for up to 3 days. With a detachable upper tray, it can store milk bottles with nipples on them as well. 
It can store up to 10L of cans along with other food items.
Being very compact, it requires a tiny storage space.
Power Consumption
It is quite a power-efficient appliance and, thus, will ideally save your electricity bill massively. As it works well with the car plug-in, you can easily use this mini fridge while travelling. It has two power outlets and thus supports AC as well as DC power supply.


● Being very lightweight, it is effortless to carry this fridge along on trips
● With the press of a single button, you can change its functioning from a refrigerator to a heater or vice versa
● It has defaulted and fixed temperature controls
● It supports USB plug-ins and cigarette adapters along with AC and DC power supply
● It is suitable for small spaces because of their small size

● It has an in-built fan that can be a little loud sometimes
● Heating or cooling of this fridge takes some time, but once it is either completely hot or cold, it works perfectly fine

How Long Does Breast Milk Last In The Fridge?

According to medical research experts, breast milk is the most critical food required for babies’ overall development for up to 6 months. 

No other food can be more nutritious than breast milk for babies. After six months, it is advised by the medical experts to feed the baby with some solid food along with breast milk.
For working mothers, it becomes a challenging task to breastfeed the baby in office. The alternative to this challenging situation is to pump out breast milk in a nipple and feed them whenever required.
Breast Milk can spoil within 4 hours at room temperature. If you are away from your baby for a couple of hours, you can keep the breast milk.

But, to make it survive longer, you can keep it in a fridge. In the refrigerator, the duration of these 4 hours extends up to 24 hours. That means, if you are away for your baby way longer, then you can pump out the breast milk in a bottle and then store the same in the fridge.
Moreover, frozen breast milk can surprisingly survive for six months or so. Since breast milk is full of neutrinos, it has bacteria-fighting properties and anti-oxidants in it, which is the reason why we can store breast milk for so long.
Also, remember that the nutritional value of breast milk changes as per your baby’s needs. So, avoid feeding them refrigerated milk.


Undoubtedly, mini-fridges serve as the helping hand for new mothers. Not just that, it becomes so much easier to store pumped milk in the fridge. It also avoids the unnecessary frequent running to the kitchen for refrigerating pumped milk or feeding the same refrigerated milk to your little one over and over again.
Especially for working women who want to join their work back after their toddler’s birth, having a refrigerator as these can be a bliss. It becomes really difficult as theycannot take their babies to work, nor stay back to feed them often.

Even if they take the babies to work, it can be pretty challenging to feed them on the office premises. In times like these, having a handy refrigerator can make motherhood’s tedious task so much easier.

Moreover, all the products mentioned above are made of premium material to ensure the utmost safety to the young ones. There is no compromise on the quality to ensure a long and healthy life for the new-borns.

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