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Best Ice Crushers for 2023 [Reviewed]

How much longer until you perfect your bar-tendering skills or ace that margarita? Be it a family game night or a BFF sleepover, with ice crushers; you can never go wrong. 

Remember the nostalgic summertime treats, we all loved some shaved ice topping on our smoothies, rather than a chunk of ice. Ice crushers do just that.

Ice crushers have never been handier with the new technology taking over. There are hundreds to pick from, while some are compact and portable, some are best-suited for massive loads like for restaurants or bars. 

So, the primary features we look for in an ice crusher are capacity, portability, efficiency, and affordability. Like, for home usage, you wouldn’t want to go for an ice crusher that has a capacity of 30 liters, as that’s a blunt overkill. But, it will be just as great for
commercial usage.

We know, although it sounds pretty simple, it can get complicated to pick the right ice crusher for home or commercial use. But we’ll save you the effort.

We have listed a few of the best ice crushers (manual, electric, commercial, home), highlighting their best specs and drawbacks. Give it a quick read to make an informed buy.

What to Look for In an Ice Crusher?

We believe crushed ice is the best form of ice to add to any drink- smoothies, tiki drinks, juleps, cobblers, or any other super spirited cocktails. Despite having numerous blenders and mixers in place, nothing shreds ice like an ice crusher.

So, let’s tell you what to look for when investing in an ice crusher.

Capacity or Power
No ice crusher will work fine if it has a low motor power. That does not mean we judge the power of an ice crusher in terms of blenders or mixers.  While blenders have a wattage that goes up to 1500 watts, it is entirely unnecessary for ice crushers. Ice crushers are widely different from blenders.

As per our research, we believe 300 to 600 watts should work perfectly fine for ice crushers. 

Durability is an aspect we look for in almost all products, be it a simple silicone baking tray or furniture. You can never compromise on the durability of a product.

We all know that metals hold up better and longer than plastic or glass. Always try to look for an ice crusher who blender jars have a metal make, preferably stainless steel. Even polycarbonate jars work pretty well for the long-term.

But opting for glass or plastic can be fateful. With glass, you always have the chance of breaking it, and plastic is still low on durability.

Output Speed
While there are ice crushers that can deliver up to 2000 pounds of crushed ice in a matter of minutes, some may take up to an hour for only a small quantity.

So, it is needless to mention the relevance of checking the output speed of the ice crusher. Most high-speed ice crushers are somewhat higher on the budget but deliver exceptional performance. 

But, if you invest in one only for home use, even if the output speed is less, it works fine. 

Ice Type
Most obviously, there are different types of ice crushers. Some work only with ice cubes, whereas some can do the job with ice, blocks, cubes, tubes, etc.

You need to consider the ice type if you are buying an ice crusher for commercial use, but we mostly have ice cubes or blocks for home use. So, you do not really need a rusher that supports all ice types.

Electrical tools require timely maintenance, and the same applies to ice crushers as well. Well, if you want a device that requires minimal maintenance, then you can go for a manual ice crusher.

Some electrical ice crushers made up of premium quality material, require minimal care, and can be preferred.


As ice crushers only come into use for six months a year. It will be kept unused for the rest of the time. Thus, purchasing an expensive ice crusher will be of no use.

So, you can consider an ice crusher that is pocket friendly and also provide all the features that you want. As per your requirement, you can prefer an ice crusher with an affordable price, that contains all the features you want.

Best Ice Crusher Machines: Our Top Picks

  • Manba Ice Shaver and Snow Cone Machine
  • Frigidaire 241885001 Ice Crusher
  • Westmark Manual Ice Crusher
  • Nuvantee Manual Ice Crusher
  • Fast Order F2C 300W Electric Ice Shaver
  • Hawaiian Shaved Ice Crusher
  • Little Snowie Max Premium Shaved Ice Maker
  • Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

#1 Glacio Ice Mallet and Lewis Bag

Glacio Ice Mallet and Lewis Bag

Personally, I think electrical ice crushers are slightly overrated; either they don’t have a complete range of features that we want, or if they have, the machine becomes quite expensive. That’s why here we are with the Glacio Ice Mallet and Lewis bag that comes with a canvas bag and a wooden hammer.

You can crush the ice with the help of a hammer. As it has a manual operation, you can not only get the perfect consistency of ice that you want, but it is also pretty fast.

Moreover, the hammer and bag have a nice trendy touch to them, which elevates your kitchen’s overall look. 

So, whether you are hosting a chill party or you want to crush ice for some commercial use, you can use this mallet and bag pretty conveniently.

This tool has negligible weight and a pocket-friendly budget so that you can carry it along comfortably on short road trips or family gatherings.

● With double stitching, the canvas bag is made up of premium quality material that lasts longer
● You can use this tool for household parties, commercial purposes, and DIY ice crushing as well
● You will find a complete home-bar toolkit in its packaging at a very affordable price

● It is a manual tool, and you might require some practice before getting utterly crushed or shaved ice

#2 Waring Pro IC70 [Portable Ice Crusher]

Waring Pro IC70

Next in our list is the Waring Pro IC70 ice crusher. 

If you are looking for an ice crusher with high capacity and faster work speed, then this ice crusher is made for you. With a capacity to crush up to 30 pounds of ice in one go, you can use this ice crusher for commercial purposes. This means it can acquire up to 12
cups full of ice. 

Its large capacity will make you rock as a host in the poolside or birthday parties or hot barbeques in the summer.
It has a sturdy steel body which is pretty lean and sleek to look at. From the cleanliness point of view, its jar is dishwasher safe, while you can also wipe other parts with a wet cloth.

With its attractive make and easy controls, even kids can make their favorite ice drinks or desserts on their own.

● With a sharp steel blade, it can crush a very high quantity of ice within seconds
● It’s a perfect option if you love organizing parties and events
● With its easy control and high power motor, its usage becomes childs play

● You will find it slightly expensive, comparatively, but it’s worth buying because of its great capacity.

#3 Manba Ice Shaver and Snow Cone Machine [Manual Ice CRUSHER]

Manba Ice Shaver and Snow Cone Machine

What is better than having your favorite flavored snow cones and icy cocktails on a
summer weekend? Making a snow cone on your own can be time-consuming and
moderately difficult without a perfect tool. 

Manba Ice Shaver and Snow Cone Machine is all you need. Although it works manually, the sharp blades and rotatory handle makes it as comfortable as any other automated one.

Being a hand crank, you can put a tray full of ice in it and then rotate the handle to get the perfectly crushed ice in its bottom container. It has a pretty compact size, which will not cover a massive area on your kitchen slab. Thus, being storage efficient, you can put it back in its box post the summers.

It has a complete plastic body, and thus resists corrosion. The most impressive thing you will find with this ice shaver is the free ice tray you will get with this product.

● Its four-blade design crushed ice very quickly
● Being very comfortable, it will suit you well for household purposes
● Even kids can use this machine comfortably because of its easy operation

● Being manual is not the perfect choice for a more significant event
● It doesn’t provide any customization among ice shaver and crusher

#4 Frigidaire 241885001 Ice CrusheR

Frigidaire 241885001 Ice Crusher

If in the scorching heat, crushed ice is all you desire after returning from work. Then, the Frigidaire 241885001 Ice crusher is all you need at your home.

With a perfect dual-sided blade, this ice crusher blends the ice to the preferred consistency. Made up of plastic, this ice crusher is rust-free. With its durable frame, it lasts longer as well.

It can be a perfect ice crusher for the party and commercial purposes. It is available with a 2-year complete warranty. 

One of the great features of this ice crusher is that, first of all, its part lasts longer. And, its replacement parts are available very quickly. Thus, you can use this machine after replacement.

● Its plastic build makes it last longer
● With a sharp blade, it perfectly crushes the ice at the right consistency
● Perfect for home parties and day to day purposes

● Not suitable for commercial purposes

#5 Westmark Manual Ice CrusheR

Westmark Manual Ice Crusher

The best thing about manual ice crushers over the electrical ones’ you will not have to worry about the damages that it may suffer or constant maintenance that it may require.

You can use a manual ice crusher for the long term because of their sturdy build and the ability to deliver perfect consistency throughout.

Westmark Manual Ice crusher is very easy to use and a stable tool that will last you years. With a very handsome warranty, this product is perfect to use for commercial purposes.

Although it can crush a small amount of ice at a time, depending on the pressure you are applying; the output is exceptional. It works just fine with a smaller quantity of ice.

However, if you increase the pressure, you can change the consistency of ice as per requirement.
Being lightweight, this tool is portable as well. So, you can easily carry it outdoors, for suddenly planned parties or a day out with friends and family. 

● You don’t require any previous experience on how to use this ice crusher
● Being dishwasher safe, no need to worry about how messy it is after the party gets over
● Westmark offers a complete money return guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. It also provides a 5-year warranty on the tool

● Being manual, it sometimes becomes difficult to apply the perfectamount of pressure required to crush the ice

#6 Nuvantee Manual Ice Crusher [BEST Commercial Ice Crusher]

Nuvantee Manual Ice Crusher

If you want a rigid and long-lasting ice crusher, look at the Nuvantee Manual Ice Crusher. Not only can you operate this ice crusher manually, but it also delivers consistent crushed ice throughout.

Being a host at a party, different people may demand different consistency of ice in their beverages. In such a case, this ice crusher will become your rescuer.

With its generous capacity of crushing up to 26.5 pounds of ice per hour, it will satisfy the need for a perfect icy dessert for everyone. The rigid steel body and non-slippery legs help keep the ice crusher stable and in place, no matter how rough the surface you are using it on.

Being rust-proof and dishwasher safe, you can easily clean and maintain the ice crusher.
You can use it to make mocktails, cocktails, and snow cones; you can use it well in parties or at a small bar.

● You can crush the ice manually as per the texture you want
● With stainless steel blades, it can crush at a speed of 26.5 pounds of ice per hour, making it suitable for small house events or even a bar
● It assures a long-lasting service to its users with its zinc alloy and chrome plated body

● You can’t use it in a large-scale party because of its manual operation

#7 Fast Order F2C 300W Electric Ice Shaver

Fast Order F2C 300W Electric Ice Shaver

If you are a crazy party beast, then the Fast Order F2C 300W Electric Ice Shaver is what your kitchen needs.

With a perfectly rigid base that provides stability to this ice shaver, you can use this tool for long party hours without worrying about maintenance. Operating this ice shaver is a child’s play. With negligible noise and vibrations, it will never spoil your ongoing party with a harsh sound.

Made up of alloy steel, it is a corrosion-free ice shaver that perfectly blends the ice without the fear of getting damaged. Its sharp blades are capable of the building providing perfectly consistent ice within a minimum period.

Well, with this ice shaver, you will rock the party serving cold mocktails, cocktails, and snow cones. With flavored sugar syrup, you can serve all kinds of drinks to people of different age groups.

● It is very manageable to operate an ice shaver and requires minimum physical labor
● Its sharp blade enhances its efficiency, shaving the ice very quickly
● It has a thick base and made up of premium quality material, minimizing the noise and vibrations

● It has a small container, and thus you need to reiterate the process again and again to get an adequate amount of crushed ice required.

#8 Hawaiian Shaved Ice Crusher

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Crusher

A tempting ice cone or shaved ice topped margarita is what one desires in the hot and blistering summers. Hawaiian Shaved Ice maker is perfect for your kitchen making perfectly crushed ice in a matter of minutes.

Assembling this ice crusher is a pretty easy task with its 3-piece model. You can simply start using it to make icy smoothies and tempting ice creams right after assembly. 

For perfect ice shaving, it comes with two different molds of varying sizes. With easy disassembly, cleaning this ice crusher becomes even more effortless. Moreover, the compact size and storage efficiency is precisely what we want in a good ice crusher.

Being a perfect model for home usages, it will make your summer pool parties more fun with the delightful icy drinks, as per folk’s demands.

● It’s a pretty snowy color with perfect ice crushing that will attract you the most
● Because of its small size, it is perfect for day-to-day household usage
● It requires a quick and easy step to operate, and thus using this machine becomes the kids’ play

● Because of its small size, this machine is not suitable for commercial purposes

#9 Little Snowie Max Premium Shaved Ice Maker

Little Snowie Max Premium Shaved Ice Maker

Impressing your guests as a host will no longer worry when you serve them yum snow cones and smoothies in the hot sweltering summers. Little Snowie Max Premium Shaved Ice Maker, as the name suggests, is a compact ice crusher, perfect for small household gatherings and parties. 

We all get dehydrated in the summers and crave something chilled or icy when we get back home after a long day at work. in times like those, what better than making yourself your favorite smoothie topped with some shredded ice, in just a matter of seconds.

With a very sharp steel blade, the motor of this shaver works in a way to deliver precise shredded ice in a minimal amount of time. You do not need to use large molds; it can crush ice cubes of varying sizes right from your freezer.
The 6-flavor sugar syrup that comes with this ice crusher is almost the icing on the cake. 

● It has a powerful motor and a premium quality steel blade that provides the quick ice shredding
● With quick shaving, you can make your favorite flavored icy dessert in less than 10 seconds
● The compact size and disassembling feature make its storage efficient when not in use

● It is slightly overpriced.

#10 Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher BlendeR

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

Last but not least in our list is a perfect combination of crusher and blender. Hamilton Beach Wave ice crusher and blender will be your savior when hosting summer pool parties or house gatherings. 

With its perfect saber blades, it can crush the ice into small pieces within seconds. There are 14 blending options, which makes it an ideal ice crusher suitable for a massive number of summer dishes and desserts.

Experts have tested this crusher on more than 800 thousand different icy drinks, justifying its long-lasting performance.

Moreover, with a compact size, it becomes an ideal ice crusher that you can use for day-to-day purposes. Past summer, when you don’t need it, you can easily disassemble it and store it in small storage space.

All its jars, blender, and lids are dishwasher safe, and thus, you can clean it right after its usage. With its multipurpose use, it will be a perfect add-on to your culinary ice.


● You can disassemble all the parts of this ice crusher, and they are also dishwasher safe

● It can be a perfect addition to your kitchen with its premium design

● It can perform up to 14 blending functions apart from crushing


This is solely designed for household purposes and is not fit for commercial usage.


Whether you decide on a electric or manual ice crusher, the main criteria to consider should always be its capacity and power. Going wrong in picking the product could result in having small, hard chunks of ice instead of smooth crushed ice.

Keep an eye on the blade quality and material, and also its maintenance. As the less time you need to spend cleaning your ice crusher the better, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Best Ice Crushers for 2023 [Reviewed] 1

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